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Basic research is a major driving force in our society. Scientific observation and problem solving, as striking aspects of human consciousness, are crucial for progress and overcoming challenges. Looking at problems and attempting to find a solution is a very thrilling part of working at a university.

Hamid Tizhoosh

Selected 2018 Publications

  • Multiple Disjoint Dictionaries for Representation of Histopathology Images, S Zhu, Y Li, S Kalra, HR Tizhoosh, Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, 2018

  • A sequential search-space shrinking using CNN transfer learning and a Radon projection pool for medical image retrieval , A Khatami, M Babaie, HR Tizhoosh, A Khosravi, T Nguyen, S Nahavandi, Expert Systems with Applications 100, 224-233, 2018

  • Parallel deep solutions for image retrieval from imbalanced medical imaging archives, A Khatami, M Babaie, A Khosravi, HR Tizhoosh, S Nahavandi, Applied Soft Computing 63, 197-205, 2018

  • Representing Medical Images with Encoded Local Projections, H Tizhoosh, M Babaie, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 2018


Talk: BIG Data, Medical Imaging and Machine Intelligence

With big data we mean any enormous and multifaceted collection of data that cannot be analyzed by ordinary computing devices and algorithms. Big data, due to their sheer volume and inherent variety, are extremely challenging to manage and hence difficult to understand. 

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Big Data Medical Imaging Talk


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