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Supporters …

  1. NSERC
    Supports several projects:
    1) LORNET: Learning Objects
    2) Automating observer-dependent enhancement of medical images
    3) Ultrasound imaging for the diagnosis and management of prostate cancer
    4) Knowledge-based assistive device for narcoleptic patients
    5) Oppositional Concepts in Population-Based Problem Solving

  • CIHR
    Supports the project:
    Knowledge-based assistive device for narcoleptic patients

  • Segasist Technologies
    Supports the project:
    Prostate MRI Segmentation

Segasist Technologies
  • AGFA
    Supports grant applications with in-kind contributions

  • Grand River Regional Cancer Centre
    Supports the health engineering projects by providing medical data and expert consultation

Grand River Regional Cancer Centre
  • Medipattern Corporation
    Supports grant applications with in-kind contributions and image data (breast ultrasound)

  • Semacode Corporation
    Supports image recognition projects with cash and inkind contribution

  • Pratt & Whitney Canada
    Supports our Terahertz Imaging project

Pratt & Whitney Canada
  • Ontario Centres of Excellence
    1) Supports the Semacode project
    2) Supports commercialization of an intelligent software for medical image analysis (start-up company OMISA Inc.)

Ontario Centres of Excellence



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