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The Mission : to provide skills and a broad range of experience necessary to effectively manage University intellectual property in order to afford “members of the University” with a genuine opportunity to participate in the commercial benefits arising from their research.

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Former and Current Industrial Partners

Segasist Technologies (OMISA Inc.)

Segasist Technologies is a Toronto-based company founded in 2008 to develop innovative solutions for medical image analysis. The software, Segasist™ , is an intelligent productivity tool that learns and improves its automated ability through clinician training and use. Over a short period of time, interpretation by Segasist™ approaches the accuracy of its human clinician-operator.

OMISA - Segasist

As a result, segmentation becomes quick and efficient with the help of Segasist . Segasist™ software uses a combination of unique, proprietary algorithms referred to collectively as the Omni-Modality Intelligent Segmentation Agent (OMISA).

The Segasist™ medical image segmentation agent has several advantages over commercially available image segmentation method:

  • It is the only segmentation method that incorporates real-time, continual learning.

  • It requires far less manual segmentation to achieve the accuracy of manual methods.

  • It can drastically reduce the time required to achieve image segmentation.

  • It is the only software that remembers clinician preferences and interpretation.

  • It is operable on multiple modalities and clinical cases.


The Medipattern Corporation was founded in 1999 to develop medical imaging software solutions for medical imaging.


Medipattern has developed a platform technology that supports applications for the automatic detection and analysis of anomalies in medical images. The Company's initial product offering, B-CAD™, is a medical imaging application designed to analyze breast ultrasound images. B-CAD uses pattern recognition methods to help radiologists assess lesions and speed the reporting process. Medipattern's family of medical imaging products has expanded with the Company's announcement of MRI CAD™, which adds Medipattern's morphological feature analysis to standard medical imaging for MRI. With this announcement, Medipattern successfully crossed the modality barrier from ultrasound to MRI. Medipattern has partnered with Cedara Software and Merge Healthcare for global distribution of B-CAD to OEM customers and end users respectively. B-CAD™ is a trademark of The Medipattern Corporation.


Semacode is a high-tech, high-growth startup company located in Waterloo, Ontario. The company develops and commercializes technology to read barcodes with mobile phones. Semacode is hosted at the University of Waterloo Research + Technology Park Accelerator Centre, and has staff and associates in several countries.


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