Laboratory for Knowledge Inference in
Medical Image Analysis

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KIMIA Lab :: The Team

The current KIMIA team (in alphabetical order):

  • Babaei, Morteza [Binary Tags for Big Image Data]

  • Chenni, Wafa [Unsupervised learning for WSI classification]

  • Herbi, Habib [Tissue recognition]

  • Kalra, Shivam [Optimization, opposites, deep structures]

  • Ross-Howe, Sara [Deep learning for anomaly detection]

  • Shafiei, Sobhan [image representation]

  • Sriram, Aditya [Big image data, deep autoencoders]

  • Tizhoosh, Hamid R.

Collaborating Colleagues

Former KIMIA Members

  • Wu, Kenneth [2017, Classification of histopathology images]

  • Zhu, Shujin [2017, Dictionar learning]

  • Kiefer, Brady [2017, deep learning for tagging images ]

  • Kumar, Meghana D [2017, dense sampling of histopathology images]

  • Liang, Ethan [Winter 2017]

  • Khatami, Amin [deep nets, Winter 2017]

  • Xu, Yinghai (Candice)[Spring 2016]

  • Wen, Jonathan [Winter 2016]

  • Christopher Mitcheltree [deep learning, AI in image recognition, Winter 2017, Spring 2016, Fall 2015]

  • Osman, Mariam [Spring 2016]

  • Shamak Dutta [Autoencoders, Winter 2015]

  • Hanson Lo [Winter 2015]

  • Tahmid Mehdi [Winter 2015]

  • Varun Chaudhari [Winter 2015]

  • Jason Lian [Winter 2014]

  • Zehra Camlica [SVM and feature classification, 2013-2015]

Hamid Tizhoosh

Professor H.R.Tizhoosh is the director of KIMIA Lab. He has been researching in the fields of machine intelligence, medical imaging and computer vsion since 1993.

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