Laboratory for Knowledge Inference in
Medical Image Analysis

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Image Data and Source Code

Image Data

  • Consensus Contouring (Prostate MR images of 15 patients contoured by 5 oncologists; for experimenting with inter-observer variability)

  • Consensus Contouring (500 synthetic prostate images and their ground truth images; every image has 20 contours simulating 20 different users; ideal for experimenting with inter-observer variability)

  • KIMIA Path960 Image Dataset (960 patches of size 308x168 from histopathology scans belong to 20 different classes; 48 instances per class)

  • KIMIA Path24 Image Dataset (24 scans, almost 30,000 images of size 1000x1000)

KIMIA Image Datasets


Source Code

  • ELP Image Descriptor (Matlab code for the ELP histogram)
    (Coming soon!)

Python Code



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